The Animal Therapy Centre will be running physiotherapy clinics to enhance treatment plans and to encompass all patients that require rehabilitation. Jade Ann Veterinary Physiotherapy will be based at the Animal Therapy Centre and will work alongside the hydrotherapists to achieve optimum results for patients. The ability to offer physiotherapy will enable Vets to refer patients to the centre from 24 hours post-surgery. This allows the physiotherapist to begin an appropriate treatment plan prior to introduction to hydrotherapy and advocates a multi modal approach to each patient.
Physiotherapy can be beneficial for a range of patients/health conditions:
  • Pre-op strengthening
  • Post orthopaedic surgeries
  • Muscle weakness
  • Enhance performance
Initially, the physiotherapist completes a static and dynamic assessment of the patient and will proceed to palpate/assess the tissue and assess joint range of motion. The physiotherapist works alongside other professionals, including vets and hydrotherapist’s to obtain the best outcome for the patient. The aims of physiotherapy are to restore normal muscle function, reduce pain and improve gait.
Methods of physiotherapy treatment include:
  • Manual therapies
  • Electrotherapies
  • Remedial exercise prescription
Once the physiotherapist has completed the assessment, clinical reasoning is utilised to produce a suitable treatment plan. The client is advised on how regularly their pet needs an appointment and if there are any other therapies which may also assist the treatment programme, such as hydrotherapy. The success of physiotherapy is also dependent on owner commitment to the treatment plan as they are often given exercises to complete at home. Exercises given to the owners are demonstrated and practised during the physiotherapy consultation to ensure safe practice.