Grooming Centre

Price List

Small Short Coat (Pug, Cairn Terrier)                                               £15-£35                            
Small Long Coat (Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier) £25-45
Medium Short Coat (Cocker Spaniel, Springer) £34-50
Medium Long Coat (Border Collie, Cockerpoo) £36-42
Large Short Coat (Labrador, Weimeraner) £30-£50
Large Long Coat (Golden Retriever, Standard Poodle) £45-£65
Extra Large Short Coat (Bullmastiff, Great Dane) £40
Extra Large Long Coat (Newfoundland, Leonberger) Quote on Arrival
Cat Groom £30

All grooms include bathing, drying, ear cleaning and nail clipping

Please note: Prices will vary depending on your dog's size, coat condition and behaviour